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The World's Finest Personal Racing Simulators

VirtualGT is the world's first and only super-realistic auto racing simulator designed for race training and home entertainment. VirtualGT is, quite simply, the world's finest auto racing simulator. Pro racers tell us VirtualGT is the closest you can get to the real thing.

VirtualGT Now Used to Train IRL and Champ Car Drivers
Leading industry publication tells how the racing world's top trainers are using VirtualGT auto-racing simulators to shorten reaction times, improve focus and concentration, and get drivers into the zone.


  • Handmade construction, many components are adjustable so you can set up your VGT to exactly match your body size and driving preferences
  • A custom audio system, designed specifically for VirtualGT, is one of the key factors that separates VirtualGT from all other simulators. 500 Watts of power delivered to 4 satellite speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 4 vibration transducers, faithfully recreates the intense sound and vibration of a high powered race car, resulting in total immersion, unlike anything you have ever experienced before
  • Unique 4-corner independent suspension makes VirtualGT feel like a real vehicle rather than a stationary platform
  • Each VirtualGT is equipped with a custom racing seat specially built by MasterCraft