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Shockwave Karting

Shockwave Karting is the premier American manufacturer of high performance kart racing components. From axles to wheels to shift knobs, and now fully customized race ready karts, you're sure to find a Shockwave component or kart that fits your needs. With unrivaled quality, performance, and pricing, Shockwave will move you to the front of the field.

Shockwave Karting products are designed and built on-site by kart racers who understand the nuances of product design as they relate to the sport. By offering their products directly to you, Shockwave ensures superior quality control and attention to detail that starts with product design and continues throughout the manufacturing process until the product is delivered to your door. One of Shockwave's overriding goals is to save you money and deliver to you a superior product at the same time.

Shockwave utilizes the best quality American made metals in their products, and machines using the newest CNC machining technology available. 3 axis CNC lathes, 4 axis CNC mills and 7 axis CNC Swiss style machines to manufacture every component Shockwave sells.