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What Makes Us Different

Unvarnished Passion...That's what makes us different.

  1. We are car fanatics, the way they look, feel, smell and sound. That is what drives us. Our goal is to ensure that each and every time you start a vehicle purchased from The Motorsports Gallery, you do one thing ? smile. Cars of this caliber should be enjoyed, whether it is everyday or on those sunny afternoons you wish would never end.
  2. No salesmen, no polyester white shirts that make the salesman and you uncomfortable. You deal directly with the owner: Don't like the color ? tell him. Don't like the price ? tell him. Don't wait to check with the manager and the manager of the manager. Find out right then.
  3. Atmosphere: Art, music, racing The Motorsports Gallery has it all in one building. Spend the afternoon with us, talk about cars, racing and art. We are here to go back to the way car buying should be, one on one, relaxed, up front and honest.
  4. All cars are inside. That's right take your coat off and relax, Can we get you a water? Coffee? Perhaps an espresso?
  5. Fun: The Motorsports Gallery was created first and foremost to sell automobiles. However, this is not just a job we do, it is an experience we love. We enjoy seeing customers get exactly what they want. It's why we open the doors every morning.