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1955 GMC 150

Vehicle Specifications

Year: 1955

Make: 23

Model: 150

Miles: 7000

Exterior: Blue

Interior: Grey

Price: sold

1955 GMC 150 Show Truck.  $55,000 has been invested in the FRAME OFF Restoration of this classic truck. 

While many of the original characteristics were retained, the truck was updated with a Chevy 350 cu in motor, a Chevrolet Automatic Transmission and a Custom Interior.  The front end is from a Mustang and the rear end is a Ford.  Disk Brakes in the front and a dual Flowmaster Exhaust complete the package.

The truck was driven for 7000 miles after the restoration and then some more goodies were added less than 200 miles ago.  A Weiland Supercharger ($2400 plus $2000 labor), a custom AC system, Ceramic Headers and a lot of Chrome. 

The truck is certainly built for show but it drives very nicely.  There is power everywhere...whether you're on a slow cruise or zipping down the freeway.  The steering is tight and the brakes are solid.

The custom AC is controlled by the stock Air controls, very classy and unique.

The truck needs nothing other than a new owner that will enjoy her!