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1967 Porsche 1967 911 Race Car

Vehicle Specifications

Year: 1967

Make: 14

Model: 1967 911 Race Car

Miles: 0

Exterior: Multi

Interior: White

Price: sold

1967 Porsche vin #308310 rust free chassis to metal with new floor pans, reinforced frame rails and torsion tube, all clips and hangers removed, great paint VW Orange with all other surfaces white.

Lexan rear&quarter windows, NASCAR type cage, new fire bottle, new belts [2009], carbonfibre dash, autometer tach, shift light, oil light,2 oil temp guages, oil pressure guage,amp guage,12 gal fuel cell, holly fuel pump,Alum pedals, Alum door panels, Alum battery box, Kirky seat.

Supension, Front: Alum Carrera front axle with S alloy calipers and rotors, MB dual master cylinder, RSR struts. Rear: SC rear calipers and rotors, adjustable rear spring plates,22mm front & 27mm rear bars.

Engine & trans: 2.0L [fresh in 2009 by Steve Rowe performance, break-in laps only], Carrillo rods, 81MM Weseco pistons,carrera tensioners, JWE springs,930 roller arms, GE60 cams,new chains, ceramic coated headers with flowmasters,13 Quart oil system  with front oil cooler mounted behind headlight, trans: 901 mag case with C,F,J,O,S gears, Wevo shifter, Aasco lighten flyweel with PFDF clutch kit, new clutch cable & housing, Quaife limited slip diff.RMVR log book
Best of everthing in legal 67-911 2L.

Spares: 2 nd set Fuchs rims, calpiers,brake pads,CV flanges and bolts, extra engine sheet metal, very good extra hood orginal porsche, rear lic. plate metal. odds and ends.