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1969 Dodge Charger 440

Vehicle Specifications

Year: 1969

Make: 24

Model: Charger 440

Miles: 0

Exterior: Red

Interior: Black

Price: sold

                     Less than 10 miles since the restoration including, but not limited to:

-All new interior, seat covers (front and rear), headliner and carpet.

-Brand new professional red (stock) paint.
-New Grill.
-New Front Bumper.
-New Center Grill Mold.
-New Headlamp / Headlight actuators.
-New R/T Emblems.
-Detailed engine compartments
-New chrome dress up assessories for motor
-New Valve Covers
-New Air Cleaner
-New Chrome Front Bumper.
-New Chrome Rear Bumper.
-New Windshield.
-New Side view mirror.
-Cleaned, detailed and painted undercarriage.
-Restored Center counsel.
-New side glass fuzzies set.
-New Brakes.
-New Wind Gasket.
-New headlight door emblem and rear panel emblem.
-New Steering Wheel.
-New Weatherstripping.
-New tires.
-New Chrome Thruster 15x7 Wheels.
-New Heater core.
-Overhauled heater box.
-New Grill Trim set.
-New Fuel Pump.
-New Fuel Tank.
-New Shocks.
-New bulbs for lights.
-New headlight switch.
-New bolts / Locknuts / Vacuum tubing / Etc. / Etc. / Etc. / Etc.

Everything works (gauges, lights, wipers, etc, etc)