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1970 Chevrolet C10 Custom

Vehicle Specifications

Year: 1970

Make: 18

Model: C10 Custom

Miles: 5230

Exterior: Orange/White

Interior: Black

Price: sold

Trucks are made for hauling stuff, at least that’s what the initial intention was. But now a days, people do all kinds of things with trucks that no one would have ever dreamed of doing back in the day, like compete in autocross competitions. These days manufacturers are seeing an influx in demand for pro-touring parts for classic trucks and obliging to give enthusiasts trucks with impeccable handling qualities. Just like the Roadster Shop’s Chevy C10. Check out this purpose built autocross truck competing at the 15th Goodguys PPG Nationals recently in the video above.

The Roadster Shop truck started out as a beater long-bed C10 but turned into an autocross beast very quickly at the hands of the professionals at the Mundelein, Illinois Company.

With their new assembly, the Roadster Shop converted the truck into a short bed which features a brand new chassis that was created by the company to make it easy for individuals to convert their own trucks. The truck also makes use of a 9-inch rearend with a 4-bar rear suspension system.

Under the hood, the truck features a Chevy LS6 matted to a TKO 5-speed. Forgeline RBC3 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber deliver as much of the LS’s power to the pavement as possible, while bright orange paint and a relatively stock looking interior give the truck just enough pizzazz without going overboard. But the real story isn’t about how the truck looks or what’s under the hood, but how well it does in autocross competitions.

At the 15th Goodguys PPG Nationals, Phil Gerber drove the truck to a 7th place Pro Class finish with a course time of 33.758. The first-place Pro Class finisher of the event ran the course in just 0.53 seconds faster.

The Roadster Shop C10 is a fully capable autocross truck and the proof is in the video above. We look forward to seeing this amazing C10 at more autocross competitions this season.